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This Is Goodbye
« on: May 06, 2013, 12:18:55 PM »
Okay, so, I've been with this site for a good few years and, while I've not always been active, I've always come back. This time is different. I'm done with Role Play sites. I might still be around and talk to the members of the site, but I will not be onsite or posting. My story is done. Unstellar and I will be making an alternative ending to the Zarethian-Revenge War and he might post it here. Otherwise, you all can do whatever you want with my stuff. I recommend leaving the Zarethians to either Hiro, K2, Blade or Lyoko. My other characters who are not affiliated with the Zarethians can go up for adoption.

My reasons for leaving are thus: Too much drama, which has always been a factor for the site in general. It sucks that we have such a talented memberbase but we can't seem to keep personal issues from appearing fairly frequently. I also won't have time to keep myself near active and I wasn't active anyway.

If you want to keep the site going in a positive direction, there needs to be cooperation between members and staff. Members shouldn't just bitch and whine about how staff aren't doing their jobs and then not present any viable ideas for change. In return, staff should keep open minds and try to work with the members. You need an information network to bring people in and you need to stop the drama and bring them into the story to keep them here.

However, sometimes I think that it would be a better idea for people to just let this site die. Its been around long enough in my personal opinion and some people are way too attached to the site. Its not always healthy, and I believe that most people here simply need to move on (hopefully keeping a community) and find something else to do.

Either way, its not my business and I wish everyone here the best of luck in their future. There've been good and bad times but this is the last time you'll see me here.

Your dear and hated friend,

Zak Knight
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