Author Topic: MAGISTER REBOOT: Levian home-system  (Read 244 times)

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MAGISTER REBOOT: Levian home-system
« on: May 14, 2013, 03:49:26 PM »
Territory Name: Val-thyne
Territory Description: The current capital of the Levian coalition; having abandoned their homeworld as their sun entered the red-giant phase of it's life-cycle. Val-thyne is a massive world with a magenta sky and a binary star system, and not to mention a technophile's wetdream. The Leviathyne Coalition crafted this naturally mountainous and forested world into pristine techno-oasis beautifully merged into the natural geography and without destroying the local ecosystems. Although any dangerous predators or pests have long been exterminated.
Galaxy: Andromeda
Ownership: The Leviathyne Coalition

Territory Name: Dagrua
Territory Description: Val-thyne's largest moon and the Coalition's military command center in their capital system. Although still a moon Dagrua is both planet sized and habitable. A melting pot of different climates and habitats Dagrua was once a perfect example of a life-sustaining world. The Coalition took it for everything it was worth, and turned it into a military world. Dagrua boasts massive halaex and anti-vessel cannons every fifty meters, and can be considered Val-thyne's shield and sword, and the home of their active and on-leave military personal.
Galaxy: Andromeda
Ownership: The Leviathyne Coalition

Delete Valince and Dagral before posting these please.
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