Author Topic: (Battle 2B, Night_Grue, Final Exam) The Test Begins [IC Format Only!]  (Read 380 times)

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"Damn it!"

The voice of K2323 echoed throughout the tournament arena as his match was called with Capxeno, his student and, hopefully, his future successor as champion of the battle industry. The sage had been watching the matches of the day from his seat in the crowd of the arena. Now he had to fight? Oh well, he figured. He shoved his way through the crowd, on the way down to meet his opponent.

Arriving on the fighting platform, K2323 awaited Capxeno.

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Re: (Battle 2B, Night_Grue, Final Exam) The Test Begins [IC Format Only!]
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A sharp inhale of a vibrating yawn filled the stadium akin to a miasma.

The source of this slinking sound was Capxeno, The Cursed Thief. Cloaked loosely in strange black fabrics, that seemed to suck the light away. Capxeno had trained for a while with K2323. There was something unnatural in Capxeno's movements as he made his way to the fighting platform. There was a certain dance-like quality to the way he took each step. His thoughts were an inscrutable mass of planning, machinations, and gambits.

Solidly on the fighting platform, Capxeno patiently waiting in silence for the start of their match to be announced.

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